Friday, May 14, 2010

Big News....

I am so excited to tell ya'll that John and I are about to start fostering!! I know,I have a 7 month old, why would I do that? Because God has told me too, over and over. I cant ignore it anymore. I know it will not be easy, but I believe this is my purpose in life. Im very excited. Im trying to get our home ready!! I know people think Im crazy, but thats alright with me!! Ill keep ya'll updated!

Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you.

James 1:27

Thursday, May 13, 2010

My Chad

(This pic is of us at the airport sending him back on a plane to Iraq, Very hard to do, oh and it was really early that morning please excuse my hair)!

This coming up Monday, will mark a year (in our earth time) that Chad has been in Paradise. And man, do we miss him. That is such a understatement. Our family is incomplete down here without him. But we all know, that we will be with him again and it will be forever, no more sadness, no more death, no more evil and no more goodbyes!! See Chad is one of those people who knew how to really live life. He was a morning person, he loved nature and all the beauty that comes with it. He appreciated it. He was very artistic. I mean he could draw or paint anything without a flaw in it. Oh he is my perfect Chad. My perfect brother. He has so many friends that LOVE him to pieces. There were so many people at his visitation, that they had to cut the line. I saw hundreds of grown men cry like babies. Their was not many dry eyes. His funeral was so beautiful. Just like him. Chad is a very "pretty guy". All the girls have always been so crazy about him. But his soul was and IS even more gorgeous. So I ask you all to please pray for my sweet mom and daddy as Monday approaches. Oh how they love and miss their baby Chad.

**P.S. James 1:27 is on my heart like you wouldn't believe, Ill talk more about that soon, and thanks for those of you who always ask my how I'm doing. I have made some very sweet friends through this blog, and I know I have been horrible at posting, but grieving for my brother has been so difficult. Just when I think I can accept him being gone, I have a break down. I quit my bunko group that I was in for going on 5 years, I just closed up and somewhat pushed away feelings of being happy. But I'm getting there. Cooper is my saving grace. Thank you Jesus for my baby boy.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Anyone here?

Hey there everyone!! Im not sure if anybody will even read this. I dont blame them either, I haven't been a good blogger in such a long, long time. I just got back from the Intensive Care Unit that my mom is resting in after her heart surgery she had today. They put a defibrillator (sp?) in and shocked her heart back into rhythm. My sister is staying the night with her. See, she has been having issues with her heart lately, and they think the Leukemia is the reason for it. It was hard seeing her lay there, with the thingy sticking out of her skin. She is so tough. The toughest of everyone in my family. And she is fighting hard for us. Today has been such a emotional day for me. I miss my Chad. He laughed at me more than anyone ever has, and he made me laugh more than anyone ever has. He is still my best friend. Lately, I have felt God so much. And its the best feeling ever. He has laid some things on my heart, and Im so excited about it!! I want to help people. I want to work for Jesus. I dont want to just get by in life, and it be easy. I want to help the less fortunate. I have felt that way for such a long time, but I feel now is the time to get to it. I cant just keep talking about it, or ignore it. So in the next few weeks, I plan to get started and yes, I am very nervous about it and scared, but I know its the right thing to do. I will update soon and let you all in on it. Well I would post some recent pics of my sweet miracle, but I have not taken any in a while. I feel bad for that, but Im seriously trying to be the best mommy I can. He deserves the world! I love, LOVE, love you all so much!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Please Look...

Hey there!! I'm still alive. I will update later with some sweet pics of my Coop, but until then, I want to share with you all this WONDERFUL blog. It WILL change your life.... Click to visit...

Monday, January 11, 2010

Happy New Year

Here is my sweetheart at 14 weeks!! I cant believe he is almost 4 months old! Time really does fly by. I hope ya'll had a great New Years! John and I stayed home with Coop. 2009 was the best year of my life and also the worst. Maybe 2010 will be the best yet! Also, my mom got her blood work back and its a little off, so Im kind off worried about that. It would mean so much if ya'll could say a prayer or two for her!! Thanks a million!!

Monday, December 28, 2009

We Adore Our Dogs...

Right after John and I got married we got a puppy "Maggie" and a little later got another puppy that we named Brady. We fell in love with these dogs. They were our babies. When Brady was about 9 months old he got hit by a car and didn't make it. Well that night I got his paw print and put it in this frame. I loved his big paws. They were huge. He was a Great Dane and Lab mix. When he left us, my heart had never hurt so bad. I was devastated. I have this frame on my mantle.
Me and My adopted baby girl "Bella"!!
This is how we live. For our son and our dogs. What ever they want they get!
Add Image Im serious!! She runs the house!! Doesn't Coop look comfy?
Our sweet Maggie!! The smartest dog I have ever known.
" Bellie Girl"! She has the biggest heart!!
My brown eyed girl!! I kiss her all the time. Yes, I kiss her!!
This is the girls sleeping in our office while Im on the computer. And they actually sleep with John and I in the bed every night. Im not kidding!!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Santa stopped by our house...

This is a little tackle box that I saw and had to get Cooper. It made me instantly think of his Uncle Chad. Chad loves to fish. I bet he went fishing today!! I hope ya'll had a wonderful Christmas!! Cherish the time you spend with your loved ones, because you never know if it will be your last, at least for a while!

Thursday, December 24, 2009


This is only the second Christmas I have ever spent without you. The first being while you were in Iraq. But at least I still got to talk to you on the phone. Tonight I have been thinking about when we were young and we would wake up at like 1:00 a.m. to go see what Santa brought us. You always came to my room first so that we could go down stairs together. Christmas has always been your favorite holiday. I cant imagine what your Christmas is like this year. I love you and I miss you more and more everyday. Merry Christmas brother.

Monday, December 21, 2009

4 More Days...

I got my blog made-over and I love it!! It is so me. I plan to start blogging more often like I used to.
I love this baby!! I kiss him all the time! I think he is getting a little spolied though. He doesn't like to be put down. I literally held him all day today. But thats o.k. isn't it?
I had to show ya'll this ornament my mom got. Its the biggest one on the tree and I think it is too cute!
This is the 1st year I got to write "To Daddy" instead of "To John"!! It's the small things that are fun!
I just love this towel by Servants Heart. They have the cutest things!! Well only 4 more days til Santa comes to see Coop. I cant wait for him to see the things Santa brings him. I know he is only 12 weeks old, but John and I are into it for him! I hope ya'll have a wonderful Christmas. Please pray for my family during this time as it will be our first Christmas without my brother. Christmas is Chads favorite holiday and to think he will be spending it with Jesus this year in heaven is so cool to think about!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Our Christmas Decor

Our Front Door. I love these tree's!

I had a hard time finding a stocking I liked for Coop, but I finally decided to go with this one. It is a lot bigger than I thought it would be when I ordered it online. It is made very well too.

Coopers grandmother (my mom) made this tree for him. I have it sitting on a end table next to our couch. Its the only tree I have up this year.

His "C" ornament! So adorable!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Im Horrible At This..

Im trying to get motivated to decorate for Christmas. I have a small tree up that my mom made for Cooper and thats about it. And this wreath on the front door. I normally put stuff up before Thanksgiving, Im just very behind this year.

Me and Cooper this morning. Im trying to cut his nails. He is 10 1/2 weeks old and I have already cut his fingers 2 different times trying to do this. It makes me nervous, but John will not dare do it. He is afraid he will cut him too. But, if I dont he scratches his face and really cries then.

All done, thats why Im smiling and I didn't even cut him!! Yay!! He is showing off his new "manicure" ladies!!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Update on Us!!

Coop is 2 months old and I cant believe it. He is such a joy!! He really is the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me. I want to update ya'll on whats going on with my family. As most of you know we lost my brother Chad in a car wreck last May. Sometimes I just dont want to accept that I will not wake up one day and this just be a bad dream. And some days, I have such a peace of where our Chad is. And I do know, and this is what gets me through, is that we WILL be with Chad again. And man, what a day that will be. Im going to whip him though, for leaving us so soon! I just cant wait to see that smile again. He has the most contagious smile that I got to see for 25 years. And I still see it. He is everywhere. Cooper has been smiling in his sleep since he was born, and when he stares off into space, I truly believe he is smiling at his silly Uncle Chad. It comforts me. Well I do have a big prayer request from ya ll. My mom has been diagnosed with a very rare form of Leukemia. She is doing pretty good right now, and she is definitely fighting for us. She is just so tough. The medicine seems to be working right now and I just ask ya'll to remember her in your prayers. Also, if any of you are wandering where my previous 2 years of post are, I deleted them. John (my husband) wanted me to for privacy reasons. I was going to quit blogging since I hadn't in so long, but I got some of the sweetest e-mails asking how I was doing. And some of them were from complete strangers. Ya'll are so sweet out there. There are so many wonderful friends you meet through the blog world! I love you all. Here is a picture of Cooper that I took for his 2 month pics!! He melts my heart!! p.s.- I love ya'll and I have missed ya'll too!!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

We Love Our Coop!!

Sleeping on Aunt Christy's shoulder

Great Grandmother & Aunt Christy
Lindsey spending the night with Coop!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Tuesday, November 10, 2009