Monday, December 21, 2009

4 More Days...

I got my blog made-over and I love it!! It is so me. I plan to start blogging more often like I used to.
I love this baby!! I kiss him all the time! I think he is getting a little spolied though. He doesn't like to be put down. I literally held him all day today. But thats o.k. isn't it?
I had to show ya'll this ornament my mom got. Its the biggest one on the tree and I think it is too cute!
This is the 1st year I got to write "To Daddy" instead of "To John"!! It's the small things that are fun!
I just love this towel by Servants Heart. They have the cutest things!! Well only 4 more days til Santa comes to see Coop. I cant wait for him to see the things Santa brings him. I know he is only 12 weeks old, but John and I are into it for him! I hope ya'll have a wonderful Christmas. Please pray for my family during this time as it will be our first Christmas without my brother. Christmas is Chads favorite holiday and to think he will be spending it with Jesus this year in heaven is so cool to think about!


Trace Car Driver said...

i am LOVING that you hold your baby boy all day. you will never get these days back. cherish him. spoil him. LOVE on him all day!! he will be 1 or 3 before you know it! that ornament is the cutest. and i also love the "to: daddy" presents. thanks for the reminder i should do that. HA!

Kristy said...

He is such a little doll! And hold and snuggle him all day long, because pretty soon he'll be a busy toddler and won't want to cuddle (as much) anymore! Everyone says it- but they really do grow so fast! I can't believe how fast mine are growing. :(